The Amsterdam DungeonA superb experience like the dungeons creates interesting challenges as some of the photos are taken in a darkened room at exactly the same time as certain things go bump! The expression on the guest’s faces says it all!. Our system was integrated into the set automation for perfect triggering every time and was an automatic process.

The green screen at the beginning of the guests adventure was also one of our new innovations as it used a projector based system which we designed in-house.

Amsterdam Dungeons Sample Photos

The system installation was done out of hours in order to ensure no disruption to the attraction, although working in an old church in the dead of night was an interesting experience! Our technical team were also installing the photo solution just up the road at Madame Tussauds as the same time although that wasn’t half as scary!

Guests are served by our specialists photo team members from a 40 strong team who are recruited and employed locally and managed at a local level.

We also provide the Photographic Solution for Merlin Entertainments at the Amsterdam Dungeon and Sealife in Scheveningen as well as many other attractions around the UK and Europe.