Photo Tagging

Tagging a Guests Photos

If your requirement is one where your photographic staff are constantly on the move and it’s especially important to have a solution which enables customers to find their photos easily after being taken, then our Vega Photo solution with Photo Tagging will fit the bill perfectly.

There are many situations where it is ideal, two of which are Roving Photography and Cruise Ship Photography operations.

How Photo Tagging works

When the photo is taken, a ticket is given to the visitor with details linked to their photos.

For venues where the customer has a unique visitor pass this can be used instead of a ticket. We can also use barcodes and RFID technology (tags and bracelets), guest cabin cards or whatever is most suitable. RFID or barcode solutions are ideal for high volume photo opportunities.

Photo Tagging for Souvenir Photography

The photos and customer(s) details are linked on our system for retrieval later.

When the customer returns to the photo fulfillment area, a simple scan of their ticket (or admission pass) will allow all their photos to be viewed and purchased.

Through the photo tagging function, guests can also be grouped so that only one member of a family or group need be scanned and all other members can view any associated images.

Our system ensures that the process is not only simple to use but also that the customer can retrieve their images quickly and efficiently, which in turn increases sales due to availability.