We ARE Souvenir Photography

Creating a lasting memory for a guest has always been a important part of the guests visit to an attraction or event. This is even more important now that everyone sees the value in photography as we all carry a camera with us everyday.

However, whilst this is an important part of the story there is so much more to souvenir photography. It is also a great way to maximise revenues if done correctly and we have extensive knowledge in this area. There is also the ability to share a clients brand through social media which has great marketing benefits. We also use technology to create that Wow factor which enhances the guests experience and memories of the visit.

System Insight were proud to supply LOCOG with the Instant Photographic Solution for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games at the Olympic Park in Stratford, London possibly the world’s largest sporting event.

We work with a wide range of attractions and locations.

From Aquariums to Zoo we have all types of visitors attractions covered and adapt our Vega solution to meets the demands of each location.

“You have managed to DOUBLE the revenue generated from the previous supplier due to the reliability and the speed of the system.”
Sean Davies – Retail & Venue Operations Manager Chelsea FC

We deliver on our promises

We have many long standing contracts that date back over many years because we deliver on our promises.

  • We know the industry inside out.
  • We maximise revenues for our clients whilst enhancing the guest experience.
  • We work closely with our clients to ensure their requirements are met.
  • We are easy to deal with. Like any relationship communication is key.
  • We can adapt quickly and think outside the box.
  • We know photography.
  • We have our own technical solution and not reliant on others.
  • We care.

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Souvenir Photography Success

People take photos of just about everything they see these days but a vast majority are deleted or unused because they just aren’t good enough.

  • Souvenir Photography needs to provide the guest with a photo that can’t get themselves. This makes the photo desirable and more importantly saleable.
  • Creating multiple photos ensures the guest have a choice but drives them to spend more, especially where packages are available which provide great value.
  • Digital Products which are easily redeemable are also key as people can share them instantly.

As with any visit to an attraction a photo memory of the guests visit not only enhances the visit and serves as a constant reminder but with social media and the ability to share photos quickly and easily, the clients brand is marketed for free. The other main benefit is that Photo sales represent a significant revenue stream and yet don’t impact on guests spend in a retail shop.

“Our company’s on-going success is driven by the fact that we innovate, and are always improving the solution we offer both at a technical system level, and with our product offering. 

By aiming to be the market leader ensures our clients always get first-class service and support, along with continuous development. 

This approach has allowed us to work with some of the world’s biggest brands and meant we have acquired business from some of the largest in our industry”
Stuart Morley – Managing Director – Image Insight


Trusted to deliver Photography at the largest sporting event in the World.