At Image Insight, we offer a total photo solution, ensuring our staff are on hand to support you throughout the entire process. This, of course, includes the installation and we take great pride in ensuring that this runs as smoothly as possible for our clients. Many clients are reassured to know that the total space required is often quite small and that existing sales areas can be utilised, if needed. There is also no requirement for the photo-taking and sales areas to be close together. Our systems are fundamentally flexible and can accommodate a variety of venue sizes and multiple locations.

Photo Installation on a Cruise Ship

During installation, we take every care to ensure that there is no disruption to your ongoing operations, even working outside normal hours, where necessary. All equipment is professionally installed, ensuring cable runs, wherever possible, are hidden and that the system fits in with the look and feel of your location. Importantly, our installation process is quick – from a few hours up to a couple of days – to ensure you are up and running and earning revenue from the system as quickly as possible.

Staff Training

Once installation is complete, we will train your staff. It usually only takes about 30 minutes for them to be fully conversant with the complete system! It is worth noting that casual staff can be trained in just 10 minutes.

We then hand over to the client but stay on site until the client has used the system and is happy in its operation.

Detailed System Documentation is also left on site, alongside support contact details.

Camera Hides

We often mount the digital camera inside a floor standing unit, called a camera hide. We also include any other necessary hardware to allow the unit to work independently. And, we can add branding to the camera hide to fit in with the attraction or location, in line with the client’s needs.

Outside the camera hide is a remote button which the user pushes to operate the camera. Depending on the solution, we can also mount an image preview screen, electronic POS display and a receipt printer which prints off tickets with the visitor’s image number.

There are numerous benefits to using a camera hide:

• Any member of staff can take a photograph with a simple push of a button.

• The camera and lens is in a fixed position to ensure image quality with a consistent angle of shot.

• Additional hardware can be integrated and hidden from view, to provide a turnkey photography solution.

• All equipment is protected and secure inside the camera hide.