Automated Photo SolutionIt is not always practical for a company to provide staff at the point at which the photo is taken. Consequently, we have a fully automated photo solution where the guest plays an interactive part in the experience, thus performing the same process as a staff member would in less automated settings. This solution also has the advantage that it can be manned by a staff member at busy times, if required.

Our automated photo solution is an integral part of our VEGA software and all images taken using this system are also integrated into VEGA.

And, in the same way that our other souvenir photo solutions can incorporate green screen technology, the automated part of VEGA is no exception and can handle multiple images and overlays in the same way.

How it works

Operating the system is very easy and consists of a few simple steps:

  • The guest is attracted to the system by the self-running screen display. They are invited to press a button on the kiosk to start the process. (All content for the video is personalised and is usually created for you by our design team.)
  • The guest is then shown the simple instructions (where to stand etc) and on pressing the button again, a countdown starts, which gives the guest time to pose for the image.
  • Once the photo has been taken, the guest has the opportunity to take more photos. Each time a photo is taken, a redemption receipt is printed, which the guest takes to the photo counter.
  • The system is intelligent enough to revert back to the initial video should no action take place within a certain time frame, so it’s quickly ready for the next customer to use.
Easy to use automated photo solution
Easy-to-use Automated Photo Solution

Our Self Service Solution can also be used outside and are popular at many locations but work especially well at an Ice Rink, especially when used in conjunction with our other photo solutions like green screen or roving photography.