Green Screen or Chromakey photography is very popular and has many advantages over traditional souvenir photography.

At Image Insight, we have extensive experience using Chroma key Photography to provide customers with photos that are almost impossible for them to achieve themselves. This is, of course, attractive to customers which increases photo sales.

We have a number of different ways in which we can use Chromakey photography including our LED Green Screen Video Wall solution.

Souvenir Green Screen Photos Produced at London 2012

We were proud to provide the Instant Souvenir Photo Solution in the Olympic Park for LOCOG, during both the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, at Stratford in London during the summer of 2012.

With 4.7 million visitors over the two events, the solution had to not only be flexible but also able to stand up to the large quantities of images that were being processed and to perform quickly and efficiently.

London 2012 Olympic and Paralymic Souvenir Solution

Chromakey images automatically created instantly using our solution
Chromakey images automatically created instantly using our solution

How does Chromakey Photography work?

A photo is taken of the subject against a green or blue (or even grey!) background and then, using our VEGA photo solution, the picture is merged with a pre-defined background to produce a superimposed photo that shows the customer in a situation that is usually impossible to achieve.

Your clients could be walking on the moon, flying through the air, surfing the waves or riding in Santa’s sleigh – with Chromakey photography the possibilities are endless!

Our Green Screen solution being used at a Christmas Solution
Our Green Screen solution being used at a Christmas Solution


Photographs can also be merged with a foreground image (overlay) such as a logo or branding.

The solutions are nearly always different for each client. However, we pride ourselves in helping clients select a comprehensive collection of suitable backgrounds. We can work with the client’s existing photo libraries or provide Professional Photographic Services (at no charge) to obtain the desired backgrounds. Background popularity can then be monitored using the statistics from our system to ensure revenue is maximised.

How realistic are the photos that are produced?

Judge for yourself! In the two images below one has been taken with a real trophy and the other photo has had the trophy added using our VEGA green screen solution.

Real Trophy

Greenscreen Trophy

Can a foreground image be added?

Yes, it can be done automatically on some or all of the images produced. In the examples above, the branding has been added in this way. This enables your brand to stay with the image when it is shared via social media or even if it’s removed from its photo folder and framed.

How quickly are the background images produced?

Within seconds! At the London 2012 games, we produced eight backgrounds automatically and they were available for the customer to view in under ten seconds. In fact, the client hadn’t even arrived at the sales station which was 3 metres away by the time the images were ready to view and sell.

How easy is the Chromakey System to use?

It couldn’t be easier! It’s fully automatic and unlike other systems, it needs no operator intervention, which means superb photos every time with a fast workflow.

Can the image be re-sized with different backgrounds?

Yes. The image can be moved and resized to fit each background. This is something we do for you automatically when any new backgrounds are added to your system.

Having fun with Chromakey Photography
Having fun with Chromakey Photography