Oxford Castle and Prison

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Oxford Castle and Prison

A visit to Oxford Castle and Prison allows you to step back and immerse yourself in over 1000 years of history and also ensures you get some great view of the City of Oxford.

Visitors can also descend in the candlelit crypt and experience the 18th prison cells. It’s the ideal place to visit for anyone coming to Oxford who enjoys their history.

We are always sympathetic to our clients attractions and given the look and feel of the attraction we decided to use our grey screen solution in our Chromakey photo solution as this best fitted the location and was better suited.

Successful Souvenir Photography is all about creative something interesting and exciting which the guest can’t capture themselves at the same time as enhancing the guests visit. Our solution creates a number of photos including a popular favourite the “Mug Shot” photo. All our photos are created instantly without the need for staff intervention.

The Castle and Prison are managed by the Continuum Group with whom we have a long-standing working relationship having provided our photo solutions at many of their great attractions including The Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth, The Real Marys Kings Close in Edinburgh and The Coronation Street Tour in Manchester to name a few.

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