Lapland UK, near Windsor, is an award winning re-creation of Father Christmas’s Arctic homeland, where families can enjoy a magical experience that celebrates a child’s belief in Father Christmas.

It is, undoubtedly, the UK’s number one premier Christmas attraction.

Father Christmas

Lapland UK wanted to provide their guests with souvenir photos of their time with Father Christmas. Previous systems had been used but our photo solution was found to be the best match for their requirements. We therefore, became the photo solutions provider for Lapland UK in 2010.

Unique Challenges
There are several unique challenges with the installation here, as not only is the event held in the middle of a woodland setting and with multiple photo stations, but the system must also be totally in keeping with the feeling of the event.

Additionally, viewing of the photos cannot be done in the conventional way using screens, as each child’s experience is different and secret and it’s so important to ensure that the magic of Father Christmas is kept alive. Consequently, we used Apple iPads as viewing stations so that each family can only see their own photos.

Soft Copy
We also provide a Soft Copy Solution so that customers can later view and download their photos at home. This solution integrates with social media such as Facebook etc and allows for data capture and customer reviews, if required. Customers are given a receipt with special download codes so only they can gain access to their photos in order to download and share them with friends and family.


The Ultimate Santas Grotto
The Ultimate Santa’s Grotto


Unique Experience
Unlike previous solutions that had been used, our system is quick, easy and provides quality photos. Our photo solution also ensures that there is no queuing at the photo sales area. The customer experience is paramount and it is imperative that a good day out isn’t ruined by customers having to wait around for photos.

A Great Day Out
Lapland UK is a great day out and one which your family will remember for a long time. A look at the Lapland UK website and the numerous reviews and accolades from major publications, celebrities and families says it all. It is truly a unique experience which every family should visit at least once.