Christmas at Kew is always a magical experience and when the site is lit up in such a magical way it’s a true delight.

Our Christmas Photo Solutions at Kew Gardens consisted of one of our Santa’s Grotto Photo Solutions and a themed green screen solution elsewhere in the gardens.

High Quality Souvenir Photos at Night

Quality souvenir photos are, of course, difficult for guests to get at the best of times but at night, they are almost impossible. This is where we come in.

Photo Studios at Christmas at Kew Gardens

Using our photographic solution, guests can have their photo taken in our studio using our green screen technology. At Kew, they then have a choice of eight beautiful backgrounds. These have been taken by our professional photography team and installed into our VEGA photo solution, ensuring high quality souvenir photos every time.

Kew Garden Souvenir Photos

Visitors can then purchase a special photo that they can keep. These are available to print within a few seconds and they can also be downloaded and shared quickly and easily to social media using our digital download facility.