Instant Photographic Solutions

Our instant photographic solutions are suitable for a large number of establishments and attractions. Most people assume that it is only traditional theme parks which benefit from souvenir photography but in fact, there are many locations where it is being used very successfully.

There are many benefits to offering souvenir photography, including:

  • Generating significant revenues
  • Usually no upfront capital expenditure
  • Improving the guest experience
  • Small footprint within your attraction
  • Fully supported during your working hours
  • Allows your brand to be shared via social media at zero cost
  • Capture guests data at zero cost which you can then use for future marketing

Ice Rink Photo Solutions

Image Insight have been providing the Photo Solution at the Natural History Museum Ice Rink since 2017. Ice Rinks are very popular because they are so much fun, regardless of your experience on the ice you are sure to have a great time. What better way to remember that great experience than with a photographic[...]

Cruise Ship Photography

With over 12 years experience in cruise ship photography on many of the major cruise lines around the world, we know that this type of industry presents special challenges when it comes to instant photography systems. Using this invaluable experience means that our photo system is designed with all of these requirements and challenges already[…]


Photography Solutions in Museums Museums are a great place to install a photographic solution, to enable guests to keep a memento of their visit. As well as helping to generate revenue, they are also a means through which the museum can gain extra, free marketing through visitors sharing their images online, by email and through[...]

Sporting Venues

Souvenir Photos at Sporting Venues At Image Insight, we are extremely proud to be working with some of the best known names in sport today. Our instant photo solution is used at possibly, the world's most iconic sporting venue, Wembley Stadium: Souvenir Photo at Wembley Stadium with the FA Cup   We also provided our[...]


Aquariums are an ideal location for a souvenir photography solution as it is very difficult for guests to take their own photos due to the nature of the attraction. A photo solution needs to be sympathetic to the animals and we ensure no harsh lighting or flash is used. We currently work at seven Aquariums[...]

Zoos and Animals Parks

Photo Solutions at Zoos and Animal Parks Zoos and Animal Parks are ideally suited to our photographic solution as it's almost impossible, in normal circumstances, to have a photo taken with a wild animal. Using our green screen technology however, ensures that every guest can have their photo taken with a selection of exotic animals[...]

Visitor Attractions

Souvenir Photos at Visitor Attractions Image Insight is dedicated to providing photo capture and on-site, instant, printing solutions for operators of visitor entertainments including Amusement Parks, Aquariums, Theme Parks, Festivals and Events, Football Clubs, Stadiums and much more! We have a wealth of experience in supplying and managing photography systems to major events, such as[...]

Water Parks

Souvenir Photography at Water Parks Ride Photography on a Log Flume Water Parks and rides present their own problems when it comes to guest photography, but at Image Insight, we are well versed in the implementation and operation of these types of attractions. With our years of successful experience, we are able to consider all[...]

Theme Parks

Theme Park Photography Systems Not only are our instant photo systems already successfully employed in theme parks but the technology we use is tried and tested and developed by us. We provide systems for all types of photography that can be found within a theme park: Roller Coaster and Water Ride photography, Roving Photography Solutions[...]

Photographic Solutions for Christmas

We, at Image Insight, understand what a special time of year Christmas is and how important it is to you to find a photographic solution which maximises both revenue and customer experience during the festive season. We have many years experience providing a range of Christmas Grotto photo solutions at a variety of sites. Our[...]