Camera Hides

The Practical Uses of Camera Hides

Our camera hides ensure the camera equipment is protected from the busy environment and ensures it remains fully operational at all times. We always ensure it is in keeping with the look and feel of the clients site and is fully branded in accordance with the clients brand guidelines.

There are in essence two types of camera hides:

  • Staff operated – In the photo above you can see a member of staff interact with the guest, this helps ensure the photo taken is enagaging and the guests have fun. This iof course translates into higher sales.
  • Guest operated – This is where the guest takes their own photo either remotely or by following simple instructions on the camera hide. These camera hides usually have a instructional real time video which walks the guest through the process. Sometimes this video is located remotely next to the guest for eas of use.

Unless specifically requested by the client we usually refrain from a simple camera on a tripod as this can often look unprofessional. Sometimes where we provide themed “vintage style” cameras where it suits the environment although the camera equipment is still protected within the old style camera.

Examples of Camera Hides in use with our Clients

Camera hides are inherently adaptable. Despite their hard-wearing, protective qualities, they are small and light so perfect for small areas or in multi-purpose rooms where they sometimes need to be moved. Football clubs and Stadia often need mobile units as the building is often multi-use. The mobility of the hides means that they can be used on the stadium tours and then moved out of the way on match days.

We also provide a range of automated camera hides which have a dual role and can be used by either guests or staff.

How do they work?

  • The hide can be constructed with a button on the side which is connected by a cable to the camera inside. The camera is pre-installed and fully set-up so all the operator needs to do is press the button. Every thought is given to the design of our camera hides – even our buttons are specially selected, so, as well as being in keeping with the particular brand, they are hard-wearing and ideal for repeated, long-term use.
  • Power supplied remote release (cable release). In this case, a power cable is run safely and discretely from the camera in the hide to a button near the camera operator. Our Christmas experiences offer good examples of this where Father Christmas himself operates the camera, despite sitting some distance away from it.
  • Wireless remote release. This solution uses radio frequencies to operate the camera, offering total flexibility for the camera operator as s/he can be positioned anywhere in the room and can even be employed doing other things at the same time.

All of these options are incredibly easy-to-use, requiring minimal training and staff costs.

Custom-made Camera Hides

At Image Insight, we actually make our own camera hides, so we can be sure that they meet our clients’ requirements exactly.

We construct them using an aluminium frame with foamex panels. Foamex is a hard-wearing, printable, PVC board – an ideal medium for graphic designers to play with. And they do! Creating brand friendly camera hides for our clients is one of our specialities.