Download your photos

How to download your photos

softcopy receipt

If you have problems retrieving your photos after following the steps below please call our Photo Helpline on 01329-836437

If you have visited one of our sites and have a receipt with a softcopy download code on it then follow these simple steps to redeem your photos.


1..Enter the website address from your receipt into your browser’s address bar as per the photo.

Do NOT enter this address into a search engine.

Your website address will differ depending upon which location you have visited.

The receipt shown is only an example.


2..When the website appears you then enter your photo code into the relevant field on the website.


3..Your photos will then be displayed and you can download, share or email them.


It’s that simple but should you have any further problems contact our support line on 01329-836437 during office hours (M-F) 9:00-5:30

where to enter the microsite address