Can’t find your photo(s) online or have a question?

Take a look at the help and advice topics below which will enable you to find your photos.Common Problems finding your photos.

Check you are entering your code correctly.

Check your receipt carefully as some characters may look similar especially in poor lighting conditions.

O (Letter O) is often mistaken for a 0 (Number zero).

To make things easier our sales receipts will show the letter O without a line through it and the number 0 with a line through it. Other letters like 8 and B, 5 and S may also be mistaken in poor light.

Type the characters exactly how you see them including any dashes “-” in the code. Our download codes do NOT include any spaces and only include the following characters “ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ-0123456789”

In a very few cases a “¥” character might be present in your photo code. If this is the case then replace this with a “0” (Zero) and your code should work fine. e.g. MTA01-A6YSK-¥8TL8 would become MTA01-A6YSK-08TL8

Enter the correct number of characters

Missing one or more characters is another way to ensure your photos aren’t found. Your photo code is between 15 and 17 characters.

Make sure you aren’t entering your Photo Capture code.

If you are trying to enter a code which is only 4 or 5 characters long then you are entering the Photo Capture code and not a Photo Download code. The photo capture receipt is usually given to you when you have your photo taken and only serves to aid the staff in finding your photos at the sales desk. It isn’t possible to download your photos using this code. This code is redundant once you leave the attraction and this receipt is usually retained by the staff.

I can’t see all my photos

Only the photos you have purchased will be available for download. If you have purchased a digital package which contains all photos then this will be shown on your receipt.

Ensure you are visiting the correct photo download website

Check the list of the locations where we operate. If the site you visited is not on this list then you need to contact the attractions direct and ask them for help.

When did you purchase your photos?

Usually the digital copies of any photos you have purchased are available almost instantly (usually within five minutes) however sometimes due to circumstances outside of our control it might take longer. Allow 24hrs after you purchased your photos for them to become available for download.

Have you left it too late to download your photos?

If you purchased your photos more than thirty days ago then they may have been deleted. Due to recent legislation we now are required to delete images after thirty days.

Have you lost your photo receipt?

Your photo receipt is your unique code that is know only to you. Without this receipt it is not possible for you to access your photos. We are unable to recreate or search for your photos without this photo code.

I didn’t purchase my photos on the day, can I purchase them afterwards?

Your photos are stored locally at the venue and are only available to purchase on-site on the day of your visit. Photos are not available for sale online or at the venue after your visit.

If your query still isn’t answered then you can contact us using our special support web form and we will do our best to help.