Photo Booklets

Photo Folders and Mounts

Producing a great photograph is one thing but to maximise its effect and increase revenue, it should be displayed in a suitable photo mount or folder.
This folder should of course be branded with your company’s logo and details (web address etc.)

Photo Folders

All too often, companies design lovely looking folders that are almost impossible to insert a photo into quickly, which can cause issues at the sales station.
At Image Insight, we have extensive knowledge of the design and printing of these folders and we can work within your existing brand guidelines and alongside your design department.
We use specialist printers who not only meet our strict requirements for sustainability but are able to produce large quantities within just a few days. During London 2012 we were able to produce batches of 50,000 folders within 4-5 days!

Some examples of the many photo folders we produce.

Photo Folders

Folders are just like a greetings card with the photo usually sitting inside. The folder can be folded back on itself so that it stands up, displaying the photo.
Folders are also available in a “gate fold” style where the photo sits in the middle and the front cover opens on each side, like a gate.
Photos are usually “clipped” into place by sliding the corners of the photo into cut-outs on the folder.


This is important as it keeps your name in front of the customer. However, some guests may remove the photo from the folder or mount and display it in their own photo frame. In this case, the branding would normally be lost. However, it is possible to brand the front of the image automatically when it is printed to ensure the brand is always visible. Alternatively, like in the sample below, the branding is actually in the background of the photo and therefore, stays with the photo wherever it goes.