Help and Advice

Help and Advice

Have you visited one of the sites we operate in and are looking for some help? If so choose the relevant option below.

Where do I go to download my photos?

If you are looking to download your photos you have purchased at one of the locations we operate in, you will need the receipt you where given at the time of purchase.

Please Note: Not all purchases include a digital download.

Can I share my photos on social media?

Yes of course, this is quick and easy from our website, just click the social media icon on the page and share your memories.

I have a download code but am having trouble finding my photo(s)

This is usually caused by mistyping your code. It may be that you have mistyped the letter “O” instead of the number Zero for example. This is the most common reason why people can’t find their photos. Some people also mistype the letter L and the number 1 and the letter S and the number 5

I've lost my sales receipt!

We may be able to find your photo for you but you will need to provide exact details on which attraction you visited, what date and time and provide a scan (or photo) of the photo you purchased. We cannot guarantee that we can find your photo as this relies on the information you give us. Please complete our lost receipt form and  allow 7-10 days for us to find your photo.

I forgot to buy my photo whilst at the attraction. Can I purchase online?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer the photo you purchased for sale online although it may still be available if you return to the attraction within a few days.

How long is my photo(s) available online?

Photos are available for up to three months from your date of visit.

How many times can I download my photo?

You may download or share your photo as many times as you wish from our website however images are only kept for 30 days. Once you have downloaded or emailed the photo to yourself you can view and share as often as you wish.

I can't view all of the photos that where taken.

Only the photos you have purchased are available to download. Any other photos taken are only available at the attraction on the day of your visit.

Can I download and share my photos with friends and family.

Absolutely, the photos are yours to share with friends and family so feel free to show everyone your memories. There are however restrictions on using your photos commercially.

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