Bespoke Green Screens

Green Screen or Chroma Key Photography enables the photo background (which is normally a green screen, hence, the name) to be replaced by any background, offering all sorts of wonderful design and souvenir possibilities. (You can read more about our green screen photography here.)

Although green and blue screens have been used for many years in film-making and by TV companies, such as the BBC, their use in event photography, is still relatively new and exciting with the technology developing all the time.


Why Green?

Generally speaking, green screens are the most popular type of screen for chroma key photography.

Whilst, in theory, any colour could be used, the best colours are those which make it easy to separate the subject from the background. For our purposes, these tend to be colours which are furthest away from skin and clothing. In this way, green and blue can both work well, but, with blue being the more popular clothing colour, green screens tend to be preferred as they are less likely to clash with peoples clothing. Additionally, green screens are easy to set up and relatively low cost.

But with new technical developments, come new opportunities, such that we are increasingly able to customise our chroma key screens to more closely match our clients’ branding requirements.


Customising Green Screens

Green screens can be branded and themed using different shades of green, with patterns and images in keeping with the client’s brand or seasonal requirements.

For example, at Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary, we were able to customise the green screen to include fishy ‘underwater’ images, in keeping with the brand but still green enough to support the needs of chroma key technology.


Bespoke green screen for Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary
Bespoke Green Screen for Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary


Other objects can be incorporated too. For example, at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge, the green screen area included much of the studio background, floor and even a green trough of mulch (provided by the client – think reindeer ‘cat litter’) for the reindeer to stand in.


Custom Green Screen at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge
Custom Green Screen at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge


But that’s not all! At Hamleys, the world famous toy store in London, they have created an attraction based on the London Underground, complete with tube train. Of course, the Tube is notoriously grey, not green. In fact, a green screen would have been out of place here, as well as against Hamleys’ brand guidelines. Cue: the GREY screen!

Grey screens are so-called because they look grey to the human eye. But they are actually (as they say on The Gadget Show) really cool tech! Put very simply, the fabric includes lots of glass beads which reflect light in such a way that, to the digital camera, it appears blue or green (depending on need), perfect for chroma key production using our VEGA software. Although still costly compared with traditional green screens, we are happy to provide grey screens to our clients at no cost when the situation demands their use.

At Image Insight, we’re always looking to use the latest technologies – ensuring our clients’ solutions are at the cutting-edge of instant photography and enabling all sorts of exciting new design possibilities!