We’ve Got Temporary Photo Solutions All Zipped Up At Wembley!

This summer, Wembley Stadium brought back its Zip Wire Experience as part of its popular Stadium Tour, calling upon Image Insight to provide a very special photographic solution.

Here, visitors were able to fly 30 metres over the Wembley pitch, from the upper tier, diagonally across the stadium to the other side. This journey took about 15 seconds at speeds of over 25mph.

Needless-to-say, despite the speed, height and time frames involved, it was not possible to install a conventional, ride photography solution on Wembley’s iconic pitch. So instead, we provided a system based on our roving solution. This drew upon the considerable expertise and experience of one of our well-trusted and highly skilled photographers, to ensure that the souvenir photos produced were of the best possible quality for guests.

This new photo solution gave Stadium Tour visitors three possible photo opportunities:

  • Lifting the FA Cup in the Royal Box (a liftable FA Cup is provided especially for this)
  • Our green screen photo solution – standing next to the FA Cup, with a variety of possible backgrounds
  • Flying on the zip wire

These are all unique and colourful photo opportunities – the stuff of bucket lists for football fans across the world!

Great souvenir photography by Image Insight for Wembley
More souvenir photography by Image Insight


This year, we have also supported Wembley during occasional evening and weekend events, providing a number of temporary photographic solutions for them.

You can read more about our work with Wembley here:

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