New Photo Installation at Wookey Hole

Many thanks to all the staff at Wookey Hole for making us so welcome during our recent installation!

Wookey Hole, with its newly opened hotel, underground caves and tunnels, offers the perfect destination for holidays and days out in South West England. And, we are very pleased to write that we now have three different solutions there:

• One outdoor, green screen near the entrance to the caves.
• One indoor, automated, self-service system – a new solution from us, inside the Hall of Mirrors.
• A photo redemption area in the shop.

The green screen means that guests can obtain photos which they would not normally be able to get, whilst also making the most of the time available, as each pose can be linked with a range of background images. We use fun images too which really help guests to get into the spirit of the day – they can pretend they’re running from a giant dinosaur or being boiled in a cauldron by the wicked Witch of Wookey Hole!


Snapshot with green screen photo installation at Wookey Hole
Almost a snapshot at Wookey Hole!


Our new, automated, self-service system is very simple to use and enables customers to easily manage their own photo taking. It starts with a brief slideshow giving full instructions, followed by a 10 second countdown to each pose.

In both cases, guests are issued with a coded receipt which they take to the photo redemption area in the shop. Here, Wookey Hole staff, fully trained and supported by us, are able to redeem the ticket for the customer, combining the multiple poses and background options, with their sales skills, in order to maximise the sales opportunity.

We always manage the entire set-up process so there’s nothing for the venue to worry about. (At Wookey Hole, this took our team of 2-3 people about 2 days.) We pride ourselves in always working to the highest standards with the minimum possible disruption to our clients.

Following the success of this installation, Image Insight are now very excited to be installing even more photo solutions here. We are currently in the planning and preparation stages of installing multiple photo and sales stations at Wookey Hole, as part of our Christmas Grotto Solution.  We will be posting more on this soon.