We’re Enchanting Narnia with our Photo Solution in Jersey

Image Insight are pleased to be welcoming Enchanted Narnia, in Jersey, as new clients this Christmas.

Enchanted Narnia is an immersive, magical experience for all ages – full of characters from C.S. Lewis’s timeless classics. Visitors step through the wardrobe and into Narnia’s Winter Wonderland, where they follow Mr Tumnus, Mr & Mrs Beaver and the White Witch through the enchanted, snow-filled woods to Father Christmas.


One of many quality, branded products produced by our Design Team
One of many quality, branded products produced by our Design Team


Tickets have been selling out fast – its opening last week coincided with Jersey’s Christmas lights switch on and it has already been named in The Guardian newspaper as one of the best UK Christmas days out this season! So, it looks like Visit Jersey’s plans to turn Jersey into a popular Winter destination are right on track.


Our Christmas Grotto Solution

We have set up 3 Christmas Grotto Photo Solutions here, in which Santa actually takes the photos himself using a remote release connected to a pre-installed, fixed camera. The cameras are set up by Image Insight photography staff, ensuring perfectly exposed photos each and every time.


Our Christmas Grotto Photo Solution at Enchanted Narnia
Our Christmas Grotto Photo Solution at Enchanted Narnia


Our staff were on-site for 2 days during the Installation, Training and ‘go-live’ process. Even after everything’s set-up, we still like to keep at least one staff member on-site during the opening stages, to ensure that all runs smoothly and that our clients are properly supported during this time.


Staff Training & Support

We often say that our systems are so easy to use, we can teach your staff how to use them in 30 minutes, but, that doesn’t mean that’s all we do. Equally, we can provide far more extensive training, differentiated according to need and covering all operational aspects, from how to work the printers, to using our VEGA software, to sales techniques, including how to upsell at the point of sale. Training can take the form of individual, 1-2-1 sessions (eg. for supervisory staff) and/or group workshops (eg. for junior staff.)

Here, at Narnia, we even trained Father Christmas! Despite being so busy at this time of year, Santa now also knows how to capture the perfect image! Although the cameras are professionally set up so he only has to press a button, our training includes composing the picture and posing of the guests, so he can really make the most of his time with the visitors and help the sales staff to maximise those package deals.

Following Installation and Training, we also provide comprehensive support documentation, which includes such things as how to use our VEGA software and change the printers. We are also available by phone through our support lines, offering technical support to clients and after-sales care to visitors. In addition, we provide ongoing, daily, remote monitoring. In our considerable experience, we have found that most problems can be resolved remotely, but that said, unlike other companies, we won’t leave our clients stranded and will make further site visits should this become necessary in order to carry out repairs.


Brand Friendly Price List produced by our Design Team
Brand Friendly Price List produced by our Design Team

Brand Friendly Design Solutions

Much of our work with clients goes on behind the scenes, well before installation, and this includes everything produced by our Design Team. We work closely with our clients to ensure they have everything they could possibly need to promote and operate their Photo Solution. At Narnia, this included creating a photo overlay, price signage, a presentation slide show and a microsite – all designed in line with their brand guidelines. We don’t even charge extra for this – to us, it’s all part of the service we offer.


Image Insight are looking forward to many happy and successful years working with Enchanted Narnia and would like to take this opportunity to send everyone there our very best wishes for the festive season.