Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary gets our Photo Solution

Image Insight is extremely proud to be working with Merlin Entertainments, the largest European entertainments company in Europe.

Merlin Entertainments runs 110 attractions worldwide, including Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary, where we started working in July this year (2015).

Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary is a state-of-the-art, marine aquarium and seal rescue/rehabilitation centre. The sanctuary has been recently refurbished so visitors can now enjoy the most modern facilities available, whilst viewing and learning about a wide range of beautiful creatures, including penguins, turtles, rays and sharks. There’s a brand new otter display and amazing viewing sections where visitors can watch seals and seal pups! (Aww!) Many of these seals have been rescued from beaches along the Norfolk coastline and can undergo extensive hospital care and recuperation at Hunstanton, before being released back into the wild.

Our work with Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary is a lovely example of how much we enjoy working closely with our clients, to create a bespoke photo solution, in line with their specific needs.

In this case, Image Insight are providing a fully staffed, green screen operation (with ‘forced workflow’) and a portable, sales redemption area.


Some clients prefer to provide their own staff, whom we train and support; whilst others, like Hunstanton, prefer us to deal entirely with that side of things, even down to the recruiting and rota-ing. Our systems are entirely adaptable to deal with any combination of staffing requirements.

Mobility & Flexibility

Providing a mobile sales area was also important at Hunstanton, due to space restrictions and the multi-purpose nature of the sales room. During busy sales times, such as weekends and half term holidays, the room can be a dedicated sales room. But at other times, it is needed for educational purposes etc. We find that this sort of mobility requirement is quite common and have consequently, built it into a number of our systems, for different reasons. (For example, photo installations at football clubs, where they need to be moved on match days.)

Our Green Screen Technology with Client Branding

Great souvenir photos from our green screen installation at Hunstanton
Great souvenir photos from our green screen installation at Hunstanton

The green screen, though it’s provided, staffed and managed by us, is branded entirely in line with Hunstanton’s brand values. In fact, everything we do is designed to represent and enhance our clients’ brands.

Of course, using a green screen also means that visitors can choose from a variety of backgrounds, which, at Hunstanton, means they can join virtual penguins, otters or even the deep sea explorers of Lego City!

Our industry experience has led us to create systems which can handle every possible requirement and to listen to our clients so that we can provide the best possible solutions for them.

Please contact us if you’d like to know more about how we can help you.


Whilst writing, here’s a quick shout out: Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary is going to be in ITV’s Animal Babies in October!