Pictureworks Europe

Pictureworks Europe changes its name to Image Insight

From the 1st Jan 2015 Pictureworks Europe will be known by a new name “Image Insight”. It is simply a name change and all other aspects of the business will stay the same, however the following should answer any questions.


Have the contact details changed?

All the office phone, mobile, fax  and support numbers remain the same.

The company address has not changed and remains the same.

All Pictureworks Europe email addresses will be redirected to the appropriate Image Insight address

e.g. fred.smith@pictureworkseurope.com becomes fred.smith@imageinsight.com.

With immediate effect all email is redirected. This redirect will remain in force until 31st July 2015 after which time any email will be returned.

Who owns Image Insight?

Ownership of Image Insight is the same as Pictureworks Europe was. Ownership has not changed. Image Insight is a trading name of System Insight (est 1991).

Why change the name?

Image Insight better reflects what we do and fit in better with the “Insight” range of businesses (System Insight, Event Insight and now Image Insight).

It was also a little confusing using the Pictureworks Europe name as it was thought we were owned by a separate company, this removes the doubt.

Will the name change on my Invoices?

No, you will have been invoiced by System Insight and this will stay the same. Image Insight is a trading name of System Insight.

What about any existing contracts?

All Pictureworks Europe contracts were signed in the name of System Insight as Pictureworks Europe was only a trading name. Therefore nothing changes.

Has the Bank Account changed?

No, All remittances to Pictureworks Europe were into System Insight’s bank account. System Insight did change their Bank Account in October 2014 but this had no bearing on this name change. Any bank account details you have will be correct if they are to a Nat West account.

I have a question that is not listed here.

No problem, just contact us and we will answer any questions you may have.