Photo Solutions

We specialise in all types of photo solutions for the creation of instant souvenir photos.

Crucial to the success of any photo solution is the correct use of technology, workflow, systems and product offering. But, we don’t believe in a ‘one solution fits all approach’. Drawing on our extensive experience, we provide our clients with photo solutions which meet their exact needs, integrating seamlessly with their existing systems so they are not required to change the way they work.

Our solutions, tailored for your attraction or event, can consist of a number of proven technologies and systems, including any of the following:

Our VEGA Instant Photo Solution has been designed, by us, with flexibility in mind. This, combined with our detailed knowledge of implementing into a wide range of specialist markets, means that we can provide our VEGA solutions for:

Visitor Attractions, Cruise Ships, Theme Parks, Sporting Venues, Museums, Zoos and Animal Parks, Aquariums and much more.

Our Temporary Photo Solutions can also be used at Corporate Events, Film Premieres, Product Launches and many other events.