Photo Kiosk

Photo Kiosk

Photo Kiosks play an important part in the Photo Fulfilment Process and at Pictureworks we have a wealth of experience in designing and implementating a wide range of Photo Kiosk solutions.

Kiosks are normally used by staff in the photo fulfilment process and the major benefit is allowing the staff member to produce a quality photo product very quickly and easily.

Our Photo Kiosks are used in a large number of our installations. We also have a wireless solution which allows a roving mini screen.


Key Features:


Easy and simple to use interface. User friendly graphics and vocal instructions to provide further assistance.

Compact Footprint, Easy to Install

Feature compact space-saving designs, allowing you to offer digital camera print services even in a limited space. Special stands accommodate the complete system, creating small-looking installations that can handle large number of orders.

Easy yet Powerful software with improved GUI

Features the next generation of PhotoATM running on the latest Microsoft .NET technologies for better speed performance, improved stability and more features. User friendly software interface allows user to make order in the shortest possible time which translates to increase in potential business sales.

Key software features

Support for Multiple Language interfaces
– Support for multiple image format
– Fast graphical processing with .NET
– Multiple pictures into one
– More than 300 templates for selection
– Burn Images to CD/DVD
– Image Intelligenceā„¢ for print with Fujifilm printers
-Integration with Fujifilm Frontier via optional software
Multiple Printing Options (Optional):
Apart from connecting to any Dye-Sublimation Photo Printer, the Digital Ordering Terminal can also be connected to any digital minilab via direct LAN or network printing through the Internet / ADSL connectivity