Natural History Museum

Welcome to the Natural History Museum Ice Rink Photo Team, doesn’t quite roll off the tongue does it! But nevertheless, you will be a vital part of the of the experience, for the guests visiting the Ice Rink.

The objective of the photo solution, is to provide guests with a memorable souvenir of their visit, and it’s up to you, to deliver the best possible service, and the best possible product. You will be directly linked to the overall success of the venture, which means it’s so important for you to be at your best, all the time.

Here you will be able to find out lots of information about your employment, including updates, Rota releases, availability requests and much more.

Make sure you visit this site on a regular basis to check out all the latest information.



As an integral part of the success of the photo solution, you will be rewarded with an additional payment (Bonus), should you reach certain targets.

So how does it work?

You will be set, an average transaction target, on a weekly basis.

The targets for the first week will be:

Tier 1 – £14.50, Tier 2 – £15.00, Tier 3 – £15.50, Tier 4 – £16.00, Tier 5 – £16.50

The higher the tier you achieve, the higher the bonus.

Tier 1 – £0.30, Tier 2 – £0.50 Tier 3 – £0.80, Tier 4 – £1.20, Tier 5 – £1.60

At the end of each week, the tier that you achieved, will be added to your hourly salary, for whole of that week, then the slate will be wiped, and you start again.

So for example:

Your normal hourly salary is £7.50, We end up that week on £15.67, your hourly salary will increase to £8.30 for all the hours you worked in that week.

We will, on a regular basis, update you on how you are doing for the week, have a look at the chart below as an example.

NHM Exmaple Tracker

Red £14.50 Orange £15.00Green £15.50Blue £16.00Purple £16.50


One final point, the targets will change from week to week, expect them to increase. Once everyone has had a full weeks experience and training, and as more and more guests visit the ice rink, the average transaction will naturally increase. Fear not, if we have set the targets too high, we will change them.


Welcome to the schedule section, each week, these will be updated, however, the previous schedules will always remain.

Here’s the Week 1 schedules:

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 15.12.22