Wembley Stadium

Instant Souvenir Photographic Solution at Wembley Stadium

Our VEGA Photo Solution was first installed here in November 2012, replacing a previous system by another provider and continuing to grow and develop ever since.

“It is a pleasure working with your team over these past years, it’s been a completely different experience to what I have encountered with other photo companies, which is a credit to your team.”

Our installation has been designed to enhance the benefits of the Wembley Stadium Tour which includes special access to the Royal Box. Visitors can have their photo taken, actually lifting the FA Cup in the Royal Box, with the iconic Wembley Stadium behind them!

Photos are collected from the beautifully branded sales desk at the end of the tour, maximising any sales opportunities.

And, we have been very successful…

Wembley's Revenues Up 48%

We have achieved significant revenue increases for Wembley over their old system by using our state-of-the-art, souvenir photo solution.

In 2013, we were also asked to provide an additional, temporary photo solution at Wembley.

Green Screen Photographic Solution added in 2014

In September 2014, following the success of the existing installation, it was decided to expand it and to add our popular, green screen photo solution:


Our fully branded, green screen photo installation at Wembley, including informative banners & easy-to-use, push-button operation
Our fully branded, green screen, photo installation at Wembley, including informative banners & easy-to-use, push-button operation


This is in a new, larger and more prominent location, which has also been treated to a complete re-design to suit Wembley’s new branding and sponsors, whilst incorporating an impressive new, green screen area. The bold and eye-catching, EE sponsored, branding enables the photo area to be spotted from a distance, drawing the attention of visitors and encouraging them to come and have their photo taken. And, like all of our staff-operated systems, our green screen solution is extremely easy to operate, with high quality photos taken simply, by the touch of a button!

This new photo area also has an improved workflow and redemption area which has proven to be very popular with visitors, increasing overall customer satisfaction.

Here, using our VEGA system, visitors to Wembley Stadium can now enjoy feeling part of history by having their photo taken holding famous trophies, such as the FA Cup or the Jules Rimet Trophy, the original World Cup!

Souvenir Photo from Wembley Stadium
Souvenir Photo from Wembley Stadium


More Photo Solutions in 2015

In 2015, in addition to the two installations already in place, we have been working on several temporary photo solutions for Wembley, including one for their exciting Zip Wire Experience. Please keep an eye on the News page for all our latest updates.