Bespoke Green and Blue Screen Photography

Bespoke Green Screens Green Screen or Chroma Key Photography enables the photo background (which is normally a green screen, hence, the name) to be replaced by any background, offering all sorts of wonderful design and souvenir possibilities. (You can read more about our green screen photography here.) Although green and blue screens have been used[…]

Camera Hides

The Practical Uses of Camera Hides Branded Camera Hide Created for UEFA These perky little structures are used a lot in our photo solutions. They are so-called as they hide cameras and other photography equipment from sight and touch. We use premium, branded photography equipment so it's important that it's protected. Using camera hides also[...]

Automated Photo Solutions

It is not always practical for a company to provide staff at the point at which the photo is taken. Consequently, we have a fully automated photo solution where the guest plays an interactive part in the experience, thus performing the same process as a staff member would in less automated settings. This solution also[...]

Data Capture

Data Capture Another significant feature of our VEGA Photo Solution is the ability to capture a guest's personal details at the time they redeem their images. Data captured is the property of the client and they have full access to the data in real time. Data capture is performed when the guest visits the Microsite[...]

Photo Samples

Photo Samples Our system is capable of producing a number of saleable products from just a single image. By changing the backgrounds (and the foreground if required) a number of finished images can be created from one single photo. Photo Samples This allows for a quick turnaround and with multiple products, the revenue generated is[...]

Special Occasions

Special Occasions Sometimes it's nice to be able to "theme" your images to fit in with a special event or time of year. By using our VEGA Photo Solution we are able to do this quickly and easily and even remotely! Shown below are some examples of images produced at Halloween with witches hats, spiders, bats[...]

Photographic Services

As we offer a total solution to our clients, a part of our service is to obtain any photography needed to enable the client to maximise the revenue achieved through our system and provide a superb, quality product. Our staff include top, professional photographers who are 100% client focused and can provide a quick, quality[...]


As with all systems it is important that monitoring is carried out on a regular basis. With all of our Instant Photo Printing solutions we offer a range of statistics so that revenue can be maximised and the client can see exactly what is selling, how staff members are performing and when are the busiest[...]

Panoramic Photos

Panoramic Photos Sometimes the attraction lends itself to having a panoramic photo, such as the one below: Instant panoramic photo prints   This is something that our VEGA Photo Solution can deal with and which we also have vast experience with. We can create a panoramic photo if you don't already have one. Panoramic Photos can also be[...]

Photo Products

Photo Products We are able to provide a wide range of photo products and related items to enable you to maximise your revenue. Photo Products Folders These include: A wide range of Photo Prints from 6x4 up to 12x8 being produced instantly Branded Photos T-Shirts - in a variety of colours and sizes Photo Mugs[...]